Why Couverture is superior to Compound

Couverture and Compound chocolates differ in the ingredients used as well as their flavour development process. Many chocolate makers in India use the cheaper and less healthy compound option. They don’t use couverture because of the time-consuming process of tempering. This is a technical process that gives chocolate a glossy sheen, rich colour, optimal texture and the all-important ‘snap’. Untempered chocolate on the other hand is crumbly, unpleasant in appearance and difficult to unmould. Even though it has cocoa as an ingredient, it tastes different and has a poor mouth ‘feel’.

At Cocoacraft, we only manufacture pure chocolate couverture and use the same to make our line of confectionery and other chocolate products. Our couvertures contain a high percentage of pure cocoa butter and no added fats or additives. Even the emulsifier used is a natural product. Our couverture chocolates are free of harmful Trans fats, making them healthy and superior tasting. Compound chocolate may be cheaper, but it’s filled with hydrogenated fats instead of pure cocoa butter. This compromises the health benefits of cocoa and increases cholesterol levels. Cocoa butter on the other hand, which is used in couverture, increases ‘friendly cholesterol’ HDL levels while maintaining total cholesterol level.