Dark Chocolate with Coconut Centre

Net wt: 150g

Rich dark chocolate filled with a crunchy coconut centre. Feel an explosion of tastes and flavours inside your mouth as you bite into them. The bittersweet taste of chocolate and the nutty flavour of coconut are a delightful match made in heaven. Available in gift boxes of 12 pieces each. What are you waiting for? Buy some for your loved ones now or just treat yourself!

Dark Chocolate with Nut Caramel Centre

Net wt: 150g

Rich dark chocolate filled with creamy cashew nuts and crunchy caramel! What’s not to love? These delightful little nutty chocolates have an extra edge with the delicious dark caramel. It’s like a surprise for your tongue. Available in gift boxes of 12 pieces each. Go ahead and indulge!

Dark Chocolate with Mint Flavoured Soft Centre

Net wt: 145g

Rich dark chocolate filled with refreshing cool peppermint centre .Whether you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up in the middle of a hectic day or some after-dinner indulgence, these little bites of pleasure are the perfect mouth fresheners. Available in gift boxes of 12 pieces each. Chill out, with some sweetness!

Charge: Milk Chocolate bar with Peanuts

Net wt: 720g

Charge! The name says it all. Creamy milk chocolate fortified with the nutty goodness of roasted peanuts. Power packed with energy and flavour; it’s the perfect snack for children or stressed out professionals. Go ahead and re-Charge your batteries!

Rich Dark Cocoa Powder

Net wt: 200g

Dutch process cocoa powder with 20-22% cocoa butter. It’s stabilized and unsweetened and suitable for baking as well as making drinking/hot chocolate. Our rich dark cocoa powder is guaranteed to turn your chocolate cakes, cookies, muffins and brownies into delightful works of art. The colour and flavour is so rich that you will never buy ordinary cocoa powder again. And when you mix it with hot milk and sugar, it’s like having a bar of rich chocolate in a mug! Available in packs of 50g and 200 g. Get yours now!



Cocoacraft Pure Chocolate Couverture

Our pure chocolate couvertures are a must-have for every home baker, cook and chocolate lover. Ranging from 85% Bitter Chocolate to 52% Dark Chocolate, each variant is guaranteed to deliver the wonderful goodness of chocolate (Link to health benefits and couverture v/s compound here). Our healthy couverture chocolates are diabetic friendly, Trans fat free and packed with flavonoids and antioxidants.You can use them to make the delicious chocolate mousse, puddings, soufflés, cakes and so much more.You can also chop them into bits and use in recipes that call for chocolate chips, such as cookies, muffins etc. Grate, curl and shave to garnish your cakes and desserts. Melt to make delicious hot chocolate or use in cooking. The list is endless. Of course, the best part is that you can also directly eat these couvertures. We also manufacture slabs of Milk Chocolate Couverture for those with a sweeter tooth.

COCOA BUTTERMore information on Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter Slab

Net wt: 750g

Prime press cocoa butter made from well fermented beans.If you’re a skincare product manufacturer, these are pure gold for you. The ultimate moisturizer, cocoa butter can be used to make a host of skin and body care products; from body lotions and face creams to bath soaks and body washes. For personal use, these slabs (weighing 750 g) can be cut up into smaller chunks and stored. Use a small piece in the bath tub or shower, or even just lightly warm/melt to directly apply to your skin. Cocoacraft pure cocoa butter is also available in 11 kg blocks.

Cocoa Butter Cream (softened with Almond oil)

Net wt: 100g

Our pure cocoa butter cream includes the goodness of almond oil. It doesn’t get any better than this! Works as a wonderful moisturizer for the skin; making it soft, supple and smooth. For best results, apply it on your face, neck, hands and legs after a bath. It’s gentle enough for your lips as well. Smell like chocolate and be silky smooth to the touch. What’s not to love? Available in jars of 100 gms each. Make sure you have one on your bedside table now! And don’t forget to gift them to your loved ones.