Cocoacraft Pure Chocolate Couverture

Our pure chocolate couvertures are a must-have for every home baker, cook and chocolate lover. Ranging from 85% Bitter Chocolate to 52% Dark Chocolate, each variant is guaranteed to deliver the wonderful goodness of chocolate (Link to health benefits and couverture v/s compound here). Our healthy couverture chocolates are diabetic friendly, Trans fat free and packed with flavonoids and antioxidants.You can use them to make the delicious chocolate mousse, puddings, souffl├ęs, cakes and so much more.You can also chop them into bits and use in recipes that call for chocolate chips, such as cookies, muffins etc. Grate, curl and shave to garnish your cakes and desserts. Melt to make delicious hot chocolate or use in cooking. The list is endless. Of course, the best part is that you can also directly eat these couvertures. We also manufacture slabs of Milk Chocolate Couverture for those with a sweeter tooth.