Cocoa Butter Slab

Prime press cocoa butter made from well fermented beans.If you’re a skincare product manufacturer, these are pure gold for you. The ultimate moisturizer, cocoa butter can be used to make a host of skin and body care products; from body lotions and face creams to bath soaks and body washes. For personal use, these slabs (weighing 750 g) can be cut up into smaller chunks and stored. Use a small piece in the bath tub or shower, or even just lightly warm/melt to directly apply to your skin. Cocoacraft pure cocoa butter is also available in 11 kg blocks.


  1. Aparna Vinod says

    Could you tell me how much you would charge for around 2 kgs of coco butter. Alsodo you ship to Bangalore ?
    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    • Sanjana Kuruvilla says

      Dear Aparna,

      Thank you for your enquiry. Our Cocoa butter slabs come in 750g slabs. Cost Rs 1002 / slab. Unfortunately, due to excess chocolate orders, we are unable to supply cocoa butter for another month. We should have the item available online by January.

      Thanks and regards,

      Cocoacraft Team