Cocoa Butter Cream (softened with Almond oil)

Our pure cocoa butter cream includes the goodness of almond oil. It doesn’t get any better than this! Works as a wonderful moisturizer for the skin; making it soft, supple and smooth. For best results, apply it on your face, neck, hands and legs after a bath. It’s gentle enough for your lips as well. Smell like chocolate and be silky smooth to the touch. What’s not to love? Available in jars of 100 gms each. Make sure you have one on your bedside table now! And don’t forget to gift them to your loved ones.


    • Sanjana Kuruvilla says

      Dear Ms Anita,

      Thank you for your enquiry. This product will be available from January 2015.
      Cocoa butter softened with Almond oil 100g jar: Rs 300
      Please let us know if you require any other information.

      Thanks and regards,

      Warm regards,

      Cocoacraft Team